Rear Yard – Ivanhoe

The Brief – A recent housing development on a neibouring property and west facing yard made for an unusable space.  Design and build a garden to provide privacy and a space for entertaining.

The outcome – Now transformed into a multizone entertainment area….

Raised Beds and paving

Rear Yard – Preston

The Brief – with the house renovation completed, design and build a garden suitable for use by a family with young children.

The outcome – a highly functional space for both adults and children. Paved entertaining area under a pergola, sandpit and chalkboard for the kids, tanbark soft play area and raised garden and vegie beds…

Potting Shed – East Ivanhoe

The Brief – A very tight space between a tree and a fence on a slope, build a potting/ tool shed utilising the space to the maximum and using reclaimed materials.

The outcome – utilising the reclamation yards of Melbourne using aged oak shelving, reclaimed roofing tin, reclaimed door and window. A building incorporating structural Australian grown timber utilised the area to the maximum.

Rear Yard – Northcote

The Brief – An original historic workers cottage. A 50 square metre area with very limited access requiring something special, that will enable maximum price at a planned Auction. This project was to a very specific budget and timescale.

The Outcome – the rear garden was the only photo on the Auction sign and a record price for area and type of property was delivered at Auction. The added bonus that the client enjoyed the space for 3 months before settlement.

Before design & landscaping

After design & landscaping