Rear Yard – Ivanhoe

The Brief – A recent development and west facing yard made for an unusable space.  Now Transformed into a multizone entertainment area.

The outcome, ….


Rear Yard – Brunswick

The Brief – with the house completed….

The outcome, ……


Potting Shed – East Ivanhoe

The Brief – A very tight space between a tree and a fence on a slope, build a potting/ tool shed utilising the space to the maximum and using reclaimed materials.

The outcome, utilising the reclamation yards of Melbourne using aged oak shelving, reclaimed roofing tin, reclaimed door and window. A building incorporating structural Australian grown timber utilised the area to the maximum.

Ivanhoe – Front Garden

The Brief – Stage 1: Basic landscaping, plant trees to create screening from the street when coming out the front door and mulch ground to prevent water loss. Stage 2: complete landscapiing of front and  back garden.

Stage 1 photos.


The Brief – Tidy up existing garden for property rental.